Empowering Telecom Operators

Delivering more value to you and your subscribers is our sole focus. We will guide you every step of the way, based on real, actionable subscriber insights.

Products & Services

Core Mobile Offerings

  • Acquisition
  • Increase consumption
  • Increase retention

Cross-sell With Other Telecom Services

  • TV, Home internet and more

Serve connected offerings

  • Unified wallet
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Credit Scoring

We use behavioral analysis, credit scoring and social network feeds in order to:

  • Lend affordable customized packages to qualified subscribers who exceed their data allotment
  • Offer customized discount packages prompting increase consumption
  • Deploy using best-in-class analytics practices to reach your target segments
  • Identify potential competitors’ “churners,” and proactively target them with customized offers
  • Gain empirical assessment of the eligibility of each subscriber to a new device
  • Prompt qualified subscribers to upgrade devices (i.e. 4G to LTE, etc.)
  • Prompt increase use

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